Eczema and Allergies | The £5.99 Product That Saved My Skin

Good morning everyone! I wanted to write a post completely focused on skincare, especially since I struggle so much to find products that work for me. I’ve definitely been on a bit of a rollercoaster with my skin – it’s gone from extremely dry to oily to spot prone and I’m not even sure what it’s become now. It was somewhat of a miracle when I found this cheap product and I’ve been using it for years now. I hope you find this post interesting and maybe give this lotion a go if you’re having problems like I did.

Growing up, my skin was always very sensitive and I’d get rashes and itchy bumps whenever I used a product that disagreed with me. I still have to use baby sun cream because it’s the only one that doesn’t make my skin swell up. This still makes it hard to find any skincare products that actually help my skin and don’t cause an allergic reaction. However, this was my only skin issue before the age of 12, so it wasn’t too much of a grievance.

In Year 6, a few events occurred that made me very anxious. My mental health took a toll on my skin and the changes were sudden. I developed severe eczema on my chin and neck, a common condition meaning the skin becomes inflamed, red and dry.  There were large patches of very itchy, dry skin in these areas and because of the stress, I would scratch them. My skin would flake off, bleed and scab, leaving it very sore and sensitive. It got to the point where I became very self conscious because I was worried people would stare at the dry scaly skin on my face.

After nearly a year of my skin being in this condition, my parents took me to the doctors to try and find a way to combat the symptoms. He confirmed that the issue was eczema, triggered by stress and skin allergies. He talked to me about a few products to give a go, so we went to Boots the next weekend and picked up some of the recommended treatments.

First, I tried an E45 eczema relief cream, which promised to help the symptoms of this condition and hydrate very dry skin. I applied it before I went to sleep, and when I woke up the next morning, my skin was puffy and hot. This reaction wasn’t freak or uncommon either – the other products caused itchy bumps or swelling as well. I went back to the doctor to explain what happened and ask if there was anything I could do to help my skin. He told me to try the skin relief range from Aveeno because the products are made of oats and have less harsh chemicals. Honestly, I wasn’t very optimistic – I thought it was just going to cause a reaction like every other product. I bought the Skin Relief Lotion and was amazed when I didn’t have any side effects from the moisturiser. More incredible still, my eczema looked better and the dry patches were less prominent. After using the product for a few weeks, my skin nearly completely cleared up and I was so pleased.


I haven’t suffered with eczema since, and when I have bad reactions to other skincare products, this lotion sorts my skin out quickly. I now use the Daily Moisturising Lotion every day as my moisturiser and it keeps my skin soft and hydrated.

The products have a scent of wheat, but it fades quickly upon application. It feels quite sticky on the skin if you rub in too much, so I only apply a small amount and add more if necessary. I also find these tubes to last for ages and considering they are only £6, it’s a bargain. I recommend these for anyone with dry skin, especially if you need a more natural or gentle product.

I’m particularly passionate about this product so I’ve really enjoyed writing about how it helped me. As I mentioned last week, it would be great if you could leave comments about issues you have with bad products to help me out on one of my next posts. I’m going to be putting more work into my Instagram account from now on and I’ll hopefully be posting every other day. This is an example of one of my upcoming posts to give you an idea of what my feed will be like. My Instagram username is @emmalilybeautyblog

insta post

Thanks for reading and bye for now xxx



2 thoughts on “Eczema and Allergies | The £5.99 Product That Saved My Skin

  1. Análaigh says:

    When I’m a bit stressed I get eczema at the back of my neck. I use to use Queen Helene honey and oatmeal scrub. I would dampen my neck and apply a small amount on my eczema and in slow circular motions rub it in by the next day it would have gone. My aunt use to use oats for my cousin. Would put it in the bath and also rub it over his body. Worked a treat.

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