My Top 5 Favourite Beauty YouTubers

Good morning everyone! I hope you’ve been enjoying the sun if you’re living in the UK; we have to appreciate it while it lasts. My passion for makeup first developed when I started watching YouTube and I have learnt so much from the beauty influencers on this platform. I wanted to write a post dedicated to my favourite makeup and skincare YouTubers and explain why I enjoy watching their videos so much. These influencers are in no order because I can’t pick a favourite!


Tati –

Tati is the first makeup channel I ever subscribed to and I think I’ve learnt more from her than anyone else in terms of beauty advice. I admire her dedication to her work –  she manages to upload 5 videos a week while creating her new brand. She is always honest about every product and won’t be afraid to speak her true thoughts, so I trust her opinions wholeheartedly. She gives tips to help all different skin types, skin tones and ages and all members of her community are included. She is my go-to for when I want to know whether a product is worth my money, especially since she tests virtually every new release on her channel. She never fails to look beautiful in every video and I love her style of makeup. Tati constantly shows strength and elegance, and there should be more influencers like her.


KathleenLights –

I subscribed to Kathleen last year and I’ve been obsessed with her videos since. She has such a funny, bubbly personality and her catchphrases make me laugh every time. She is always honest with her audience, whether she’s discussing why she preferred the old YouTube or her lack of ability with technology. I love how supportive she is of smaller beauty channels and how often she shouts out others working in the community. Her tutorials are very easy to follow and her eye looks are just gorgeous. I find her first impressions and product reviews to be informative but fun, a perfect balance. Kathleen doesn’t worry about sticking to trends or following the rest of the internet – she does what she enjoys doing and we love it.


RachhLoves –

I’ve been subscribed to Rachel’s channel from pretty early on and her videos never fail to make me giggle. She always seems to enjoy herself while filming, even if she’s testing a seriously bad product, and that makes me enjoy her videos too. She is always down to earth and I can relate to her on many levels when she tells us about her makeup mishaps. Her base makeup and skincare favourites are at the forefront of my mind when I go out shopping for new products because we have the same skin type and I trust her recommendations. I love the way she does fortnightly check- ins for her hauls to show us what products worked and what didn’t. She is painfully funny and honest – check her out.


Sophdoesnails –

Soph’s channel has been growing massively recently and I am so glad because her channel is definitely one of my favourites. It can be pretty depressing when you watch a beautiful makeup tutorial on YouTube to realise they’ve used 2 primers, 2 foundations and 3 concealers, with each product over £30. This isn’t realistic for the majority of us and Soph knows it. Her channel is focussed on drugstore beauty and the brands you’d find on the highstreet, meaning her recommendations are much easier to access for those who can’t spend a fortune on makeup. As she is British, I don’t have to undergo the pain of watching an American rave about a product then find out I can’t buy it in this country, which is great. Her videos are relatable, funny and informative and you should definitely give her channel a go.


Fleur DeForce –

I’d like to start by congratulating Fleur on her gorgeous baby girl River, and explain that recently her videos haven’t all been about beauty because of her pregnancy. Usually, her content is focussed on makeup, skincare and fashion and she is the most recent influencer I have followed. Fleur’s makeup is my favourite of every YouTuber on this list because of how simple but pretty it is. She knows how to accentuate her features without hiding them in layers of product, so she always looks stunning on camera. Her Best and Worst of different brands videos are so helpful when you want to give a new cosmetics company a try, and she regularly discusses skin and hair care to give an all-rounded view on beauty. If you love high end and luxury beauty, I think Fleur’s channel is the perfect fit for you.


Are any of these influencers your favourite? If not, who is your favourite beauty YouTuber? I’d love to know down in the comments so I can start watching some other members of the beauty community on YouTube. I hope you have enjoyed this post and found some new YouTubers to watch if you haven’t already seen them. I’ve posted 5 images on Instagram this week and I hope to continue with this schedule. Here is one of my uploads:


Thanks for reading and bye for now xxx



















































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